Monday, March 8, 2010

Toronto city museum

I was reading the Star this weekend, and there was a really interesting article about the (apparently stalled) attempt to build a Toronto city museum, called Humanitas. I say stalled, rather than failed, because the Star reports that the idea is being brought up again (after originally gaining momentum in 07-08), with possible plans to buy the Old City Hall as a site (if you follow that link, I promise a whole section of the site is devoted to gargoyles!).

Meanwhile, I found it interesting that you can also visit the new Toronto Museum Project website, where you can zoom in on various artefacts from the city's rich history.

As you may have gathered from my frequent Toronto-related (OK, let's face it, TPL-related) posts, I am a frequent visitor to Toronto. I used to have really mixed feelings about the city; I had visited Mississauga numerous times (don't ask ... it involved a boy...), and spent a few days with a friend's dad who lives in Kensington Market (a time of which I have very fond memories of visiting Hart House, spending time in caf├ęs, and getting seriously sunburnt while reading Go tell it on the mountain).

Over the past five years, Toronto has really grown on me, especially since I moved away from Montreal, actually, and also since visiting with my husband, who lived there for quite some time before we met. I think discovering neighbourhoods makes a big difference to your experience of Toronto. I also think living in Ottawa made me appreciate the bigger city more (I miss Montreal desperately, and visiting either Montreal or Toronto is a welcome change from home). I now am there quarterly for my OPLA RA committee meetings; I really enjoy exploring the lesser-known destinations such as Mackenzie House (photo here). Now, thanks to the Star, I was reminded that there are many other small museums I can check out next time.

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