Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1 out of 10 books unborrowed in Welsh libraries

Well, to be precise, 22% of books in Welsh and 9.8% of books in English.

I'm all for keeping the Welsh, as long as the collection is promoted, but weeding guidelines of zero circ in 7.6 years is just insanity.


The comments console me somewhat, in that at least people are talking about bigger issues here, such as the general use of fiction versus reference collections, and the location of material in the library proper. I snickered at the observation that the discrepancies in borrowing English versus Welsh had something to do with "an English-language fiction sector that generates huge quantities of books of dubious artistic merit [and] an extremely underdeveloped Welsh-language fiction sector, in which publishers that just aren't large enough depend on grants to publish a small proportion of the high-quality books they receive each year."

Dymuniadau gorau, Cardiff Central library. You'll need it.

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