Friday, July 24, 2009

Runners in Ottawa are nice

As I rounded Dow's Lake (shown at right in dryer times) on kilometre 8 (approx.) out of 18, in the pelting rain, as one shoe began a telltale squelching sound (you know the other shoe is not far behind then...), and while wiping rain out of my eyes for the 1, 240, 573rd time, a very quiet runner passes me and asks, "So, are we dedicated or crazy?"

I have to say that I like that runners here (as opposed to in Montreal, and yes, this is the ONLY time you will hear me say anything that puts Ottawa ahead) are friendly. They wave, they say hi, they make corny jokes. Once, a group even offered to run with K and I because their friends were too fast.

The answer, by the way, is we're crazy. It's been pouring non-stop here since, um, forever? It's currently 19 degrees C and it alternated misting, pouring, pelting and blowing during my 18K run to the Hartwell Lockstation and back. Bunnies were not on display, and even the ducks seemed fed up - most of them were fast asleep in the canal, their beaks tucked behind their wings. By the time I rounded Dow's Lake and passed the Bronson St. Bridge, I, on the other hand, was utterly soaked down to my socks (eeeewww) and the trek back was cold, damp and somewhat uncomfortable (thank goodness for endorphins... and numbness...). But it was my Friday off and damned if the rain was going to stop me from enjoying it!!

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