Friday, July 31, 2009

Library day in the life ... (St-Laurent style) - day 4

Arrived early today, around 9 (my shift today is 10-6). Made coffee. Cleaned out coffee machine properly (ewwww).

Morning: Sent some items for re-labeling, worked on a reading list of books at our branch that are pop-ups or have toy components (lift-the-flap, die-cut, etc. - you may know these, as I do, as "Toy and movable books - Juvenile fiction"), filled out a materials delivery request to take away some empty shelving and old desks/workstations (we don't need the shelving since we backshifted Adult non-fic to make more room for teen, and the desks are old ones I just replaced with a newer, one-unit model I scored from another branch), called for a massage on Monday (my wrist is killing me, among other body parts), moved the board book collection off the windowsill (things should not be on window sills. Windows are for looking out, not shelving!) and onto metal shelves after backshifting another area a bit, withdrew 147 old magazines (some went back to 2004; our rule is we keep current year +1), prepped tasks for Saturday staff, read e-mail and news feeds (chortled about this), filled out and signed 45 certificates for the SRC closing party (we have 228 kids registered in the program, but only 45 coming to the closing party so far), made a list of stuff for the new teen zone that I need to discuss with manager, and worked on a draft of a document I'm co-authoring with some colleagues proposing a fine amnesty day for teens.

12:15-12:45 - Lunch! Wheeee!

Afternoon: Checked in and displayed new books, checked what I should be doing to prep our SRC closing party, sent out e-mail to staff re. farewell party for colleague, reference Qs (including one for a list of pop-up books at the branch, the exact list I am working on!, and a young girl who is obsessed with Max et Lili - out of 27, she had only not read 3!) evaluated children's magazines for 2010 orders, and still working on amnesty proposal doc...!


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