Tuesday, September 25, 2012

News round-up

Ah, fall. I am especially happy to see it this year, as a relief from hot summer jogging that was more forced march than fun!

In an attempt to keep things interesting and keep myself challenged, I'm in the midst of launching several new programs at Carlingwood Branch, including a "Reflections on aging" reading circle with the amazing Wendy, a Golden Oak™ Book Club, a Film Club and the branch's first English conversation group. These, in addition to teaching, plus overseeing the RFID tagging of our entire collection, has kept me running around a fair bit recently, as well as a trip to Quebec City for the last rez girl wedding (a beautiful weekend during which I also squeezed in two walks with my favourite strolling rez girl, a chocolatine and giant onion rings, and a library visit, of course!). On my recent travels, I also encountered two readers of this blog! I will try not to get too much of a swelled head, as The Husband would say.

Oh, and I've been:
In closing, I would say a September filled with a new-to-me Barbara Pym, and the latest Zadie Smith, Ian MacEwen. Martin Amis and (next up) Salman Rushdie books is a good September indeed.

Up next: a literary Sophie's choice: I am in Toronto for RA in a Day (you should go), so can I fit in any IFOA, or the Ottawa premiere of Midnight's Children, or a reading by my friend Chris Cleave at Westmount? Argh! Sensory overload. I have to go lie down on the living room floor now.

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  1. Hmm, perhaps Peter Stothard only reads 20 novels a year on average... I think I, and many of my fellow book blogger/reading fiends, regularly read 145 in 7 months. Big deal ;)