Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go on, judge a book by its cover

The covers of what I've been reading over the past few months.

One of my favourite features in
Quill & Quire is the Cover to cover piece, in which a designer discusses the challenges and evolution of a particular book cover design. Q&Q also does a nice covers of the year feature, too. And of course, Penguins, arguably the most recognisable covers ever, have been turned into everything from skateboards to band-aids.

So imagine my excitement to discover this morning a news item about a new blog, Talking Covers, for authors, designers, and artists to discuss book covers. Delish.

However, the City blocked me from seeing Talking Covers from work (nice, IT, nice!) so I had to wait until now to enjoy it properly.

I'm totally always a sucker for retro covers, such as this or this. I also like simple ones like this, this or the plan grey dust-jacketed Fabers, or opulent ones like the cover of White Teeth. What's your favourite book cover?

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