Saturday, March 24, 2012

News round-up: the eAnxiety edition

  • The Books That Read You: new publisher on the Kindle, Coliloquy, works as a sort of Choose your own adventure, except that "once you make a choice in the story, Coliloquy's books read you back. They send anonymized data about your decision, as well as about how often you have read a particular chapter, and which characters you have followed the most. They are the first third-party publisher to receive such data from Amazon. They surely won't be the last." Eeep.
  • This is not really a bad thing, just interesting: The Potential of Social Media in Driving Book Sales: "One-in-three consumers bought a product or service due to recommendations made via social media, as reported by an analysis of US and Canadian consumer consumption habits."
  • Making Library e-Books on the e-Book Reader Visible: I am equal parts interested in this idea and worried it makes the eBook collection concrete in a totally redundant way... Might work at Carlingwood Branch, though, where at least one patron has asked us on which floor they can find out ebook collection.

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