Friday, December 16, 2011

Seen reading on OC Transpo

Ottawa in 1800, at the Walkley transitway station

  • Better than chocolate by Susan Waggoner
  • The daring deception by Brenda Hiatt
  • Me: The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt, my students' exams
So, my lovelies, discuss: why are readers on the #87 reading such absolute shite? And why am I reading a Western? It's like Opposite week!

Bonus reading + public transit link: "Bus-stop books – Israel's newest public library," by Karin Kloosterman: "Wait in line at the bus stop, shuffle through a few books, and take one with you on the commute? The idea could not only increase literacy rates in communities, but also serve as a new way of connecting people [....] Israel already has professors giving scholarly lectures on trains. Maybe thanks to this new project, new authors will give public reading at bus stops. Shoshan thinks such a project could work as a community-builder in disadvantaged areas as well." (with thanks to C for the link)

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