Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Urban jungles with the Ottawa Art Gallery

Today's SRC activity was a partnership with the Ottawa Art Gallery, and the theme was "Urban jungles."

Books displayed included:

The Trek by Ann Jonas: Wild animals hide in everyday objects as a girl walks to school.
Jumanji by Chris van Allsburg: A jungle adventure board game becomes real....
I, Crocodile by Fred Marcellino: A crocodile is taken from his native home along the Nile and brought to Paris by (who else) the Emperor Napoleon, and must scrounge for food... and avoid being eaten himself. His presence (and his snappy jaws and long-reaching arms) confound the proper ladies of Paris.
Actual Size by Steve Jenkins: Um, ew. That's all. And also, cool.
À la recherche du fabuleux diamant par Rémy Simard: Jim Moutarde se retrouve dans la jungle, perdu, en cherchant le diament de la reine Zaza....

And here are some of the urban jungles created by the kids:

This one is a fair, with a roller coaster and one of those spinny rides that made me throw up at Ormstown Fair:

An underwater urban jungle:

Fantasy-land (I highly recommend zooming in for the worms):

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