Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Daughters of Wisdom

Every day, I get off the bus and walk down rue De L'Eglise (Google Maps calls it Church St.) and I pass by the "Maison Accueil - Sagesse" (or "Welcome House," as I'm sure Google would prefer) for the religious order of the Filles de Sagesse.

In Vanier, where I now work (once called Janeville, so it has a special place in my heart!), there is a long history of religious orders living in the neighbourhood. In fact, Vanier Branch of OPL is located on land once belonging to the Pères Blancs d'Afrique, so called because of the white robes they wore while carrying out their missionary work in North Africa. The Vanier Branch itself is even housed in the former home of the Soeurs Antonines de Marie, a sister order of the White Fathers (my boss's office is even located on the former altar, which is a source of endless amusement - if you wish, you can kneel - the altar rail is long gone - to petition him!) A dark-skinned Virgin still presides over the land and welcomes you into the cul-de-sac where the library and the Vanier Muséopark are now located.

As I walk down De L'Eglise every morning, I always take a moment to glance over at the lovely gardens of the Filles de Sagesse. I occassionally run into one of the nuns walking outside the walls, but most often I see them inside, beyond the walls, walking slowly along the small, narrow paths bathed in sunlight, from one statue to another.

What a lovely way to pray.

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