Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A confession

I am slavishly devoted to small presses, and especially to small presses that publish literary fiction. We're talking Faber & Faber, Hamish Hamilton, and, in Canada, Cormorant Books (who I love especially for reprinting Gwethalyn Graham), for instance.

So, when I found a half-page ad announcing the new Hamish Hamilton Canada imprint, I was, of course, ecstatic. Even Martin Levin couldn't put me off. I was soon also drooling, because to celebrate, they were handing out Hamish Hamilton Canada bags at selected Canadian bookstores. Of course, I. Had. To. Have. One. Of. Those. Bags.

Thanks to a fabulous spouse, I now do.

Excuse me. I'll be over there with the bag now, being a total geek.

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  1. Hi Alex - I just had to comment on you liking Gwethalyn Graham. That's awesome! She was old-fashioned when I read her in the 70s, and I assumed she was long out of print. My favourite was Earth and High Heaven - read it about a dozen times. So I'm thrilled to know that she's back in print, and you like her too.
    Enjoy your bag! (Small things. . . )