Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ALA's Core Competences of Librarianship: notes about lifelong learning

The final version of this is dated August 2008, but, perhaps due to the anarchy of the new ALA website (one more page not found note and I'm going to give up...) I somehow missed it. ALA has released its Core Competences of Librarianship. Warning: that link points to a Word doc. Seriously? How 1.0 of you, ALA! Of course, I suppose our continued use of PDF for the ABQLA bulletin is not much better (we're working on it).

The document includes a section relating to continuing ed. and lifelong learning, which underlines:

  • "The necessity of continuing professional development of practitioners in libraries and other information agencies.

  • The role of the library in the lifelong learning of patrons, including an understanding of lifelong learning in the provision of quality service and the use of lifelong learning in the promotion of library services.
  • Learning theories, instructional methods, and achievement measures; and their application in libraries and other information agencies.

  • The principles related to the teaching and learning of concepts, processes and skills used in seeking, evaluating, and using recorded knowledge and information."

Totally obvious, but interesting. There's also a whole section about management. Ha. "The principles of effective personnel practices and human resource development" - really? If only.

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  1. Good Read, thanks. Might be kinda nerdy, but I wish we swore on oath to uphold "the ethics, values, & foundational principles of the library & information profession".